Property Managment Services Offered

Responsibilities for managing a property.

  1. Setting Rent: In consultation with the owner Golden Gates Realty would recommend the right rent level to attract tenants to your property. To determine the rent range, we will look where property is located, it’s condition and analyze comparable properties in the area. Golden Gates Realty will set up a system for collecting rent from tenants. To ensure optimal cash flow we will set a date to collect rent each month and strictly enforce late fees if applicable.
    Adjusting Rent: In consultation with owners Golden Gates Realty will recommend rent adjustment each year, according to local law
  2. Responsibilities for Managing Tenants Managing tenants is another core responsibility of Golden Gates Realty. We may be involved in finding and screening prospective tenants, managing daily complaints and maintenance issues and handling tenant move outs and evictions.
    • Finding Tenants: Golden Gates Realty will be responsible for filling vacancies. We will advertise the rental and create a compelling ads. We also understand what attracts tenants, so we can offer tips to help makeover the property.
    • Screening Tenants: Golden Gates Realty have a consistent screening process, including employment verification and credit worthiness, which can decrease your chances of tenant turnover. We have seen hundreds, even thousands, of tenants, so we have a better idea of how to select the right tenants; those who will pay their rent on time, have a longer tenancy and create fewer problems.
    • Handling Leases: This can include setting the lease term and making sure it has all the necessary clauses to protect the owner. This includes determining the amount of security deposit required.
    • Handling Complaints/Emergencies: Golden Gates Realty may deal with maintenance requests, general complaints and handling emergency situations.

    • Handling Move Outs: When a tenant moves out, we will be responsible for inspecting the unit, checking for damages and determining what portion of the security deposit will be returned to the tenant. After move out, we will be responsible for having the unit clean, repair any damages and finding a new tenant.

    • Dealing with Evictions: When a tenant does not pay rent or otherwise breaches the terms of a lease, Golden Gates Realty understands the proper way to file and move forward with an eviction.

  3. Maintenance and Repairs Roles: Golden Gates Realty will keep the property in safe and habitable condition. We will be responsible for the physical management of the property, including regular maintenance and emergency repairs.

    • Property Maintenance: This includes performing preventative property maintenance to keep the property functioning in top condition. Our aim is to keep current tenants happy and attract new tenants.

    • Repairs: When there is an issue, Golden Gates Realty will oversee the resolving of the problem. We have a large network of reliable plumbers, electricians, carpenters and other service provider to get the job done correctly.


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